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We are not using this website for DRD yet. The site for DRD at the moment is https://www.independentliving.org/drd

Disability Rights Defenders (DRD) is a network of individuals and organizations with an interest in disability rights and disability law. The purpose of the network is equal rights and access to justice. We promote this by spreading and deepening legal expertise about disability rights among disabled people, disabled people’s organizations, lawyers and law schools for reciprocal empowerment by sharing knowledge and expertise on how to use the law as a tool.

In almost every country, national laws and international agreements assure disabled people of the same rights that everyone else enjoys. On paper, things might look good. But in real life, we are still far from having equal rights, might not even know our rights, much less how to use them, for example, in court. We may have the laws but unless we use them, little will change.

Whether we have a disability, work in a disabled people’s organization, are lawyers, law students or law professors, we all can contribute by sharing our experience, methods, and advice.

We welcome brief descriptions of legal cases, court decisions, references to legislation, publications, reports as well as announcements of events, learning and funding opportunities.

We learn from each other and together by asking questions and sharing what we know about applying the law in combatting disability-based discrimination. We might live in different countries with different legal traditions, but we share the experience of discrimination, of second-class citizenship, and the vision of full inclusion and equal opportunities.

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